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Birthday jaunt to Porto

After a dear friend’s wedding in Lisbon, I thought why not hop on the train to Porto (a 3 hour journey) and give that city a whirl, since I’d been to Lisbon before.

The uber driver that picked me up from Campanhã (the other main station is São Bento) said flying is a better option – just 50 minutes and you can get tickets quite affordably. Good to note.

Over the next few pages is a sum up of my few days in the land of abundant port and steep AF hills…



4 comments on “PORTO CITY BREAK

  1. Great to know. I mostly do London restaurant posts and I won’t be travelling for a while but do check out my previous travel posts here 🙂 https://kanndid.com/category/travel/

  2. travel blogs would be awesome, but do what you love and ill still enjoy reading!

  3. Such lovely feedback – thank you! Are there any blog post in particular you find useful? I was thinking of doing more guides for London areas for example

  4. I LOVE all the pictures in this!Loved the blog-post too.Your writing style is awesome!Keep blogging<3I'd love for you to check my blog out too<3

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