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Ping pong, beaches & sangria

Went on holiday to the gorgeous Island of Ibiza. it was utter  bliss.


My friend’s boyfriend has been hiring out the same villa for years, so we rented it again this year. Located in the mountains in San Jose, it was a  lovely villa with breathtaking views of the island. It had a ping pong table which made me incomprehensibly excited. The best thing about the villa was the outdoor kitchen and dining space where we ate most of our meals. Oh and the pool. Hiring the villa was a good shout, as staying in a hotel for a week would probably have been more expensive and less fun. You do need a big group though to make it economical.



On the first day, we stopped by Baker Victoria & Co for breakfast, a cute cafe  but the food is mediocre and not cheap. We only dined outside the villa one other time; Ibiza is pretty expensive and being keen cooks, we just did a shop at the local mercado every few days. Lots of queso and super cheap Cava. We ate out on our last night at a famous fish shack, whose name eludes me currently. Seating was outdoor with plastic chairs and porta loos. It’s not the most glamorous setting but that’s precisely why I and many others like it. Most importantly the fish was pretty damn tasty.



Shockingly, we didn’t go out very much, it was a lot of fun just dancing and chilling in the villa. When we did head out, we went to DC10 (my favourite), Amnesia (fun and a cool venue), Blue Marlin (uber tanned, rich, older peeps scene) and Ushuia (bizarre melting pot of people).


We also checked out the recently opened Experimental Beach Club, the same people behind ECC in London – fun laid back vibe, a little trendy but not nauseatingly so. There was a cool little  pop up shop at EBC, called Islanders. I got a nice bracelet from here and was lusting after these fair trade handmade trainers from Mipacha, handmade in Peru but I didn’t have 110 euro to spare:



Went to the beach near Sunset Ashram which was  lovely and did indeed have a gorgeous sunset.


We went to a couple of other beaches and one day took a road trip and checked out the famous Cala Benirrás beach. Bit of a different vibe – less flashy and posey and where many describe as the unspoiled Ibiza.

All in all, it was a fun trip and I’d love to go back.

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