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Nightclub boycott

Hit Biffa for 3 days in Aug for my cousin’s surprise 30th bash and guess what? We didn’t go clubbing once.

Much like the last time I was in Ibiza, it was way chill. We stayed in Can Dog in a lovely villa that housed all 15 of us. I like the beautiful ruggedness of Northern Ibiza which is where I’ve stayed on my two visits to this Balearic Island.


First day, we took a boat out to Formentera, which my cousin’s husband had rented for the day – sunning ourselves on the deck, diving in the deep blue sea and knocking back some freshly muddled mojitos – bliss. Lunch was had at the famed Juan Y Andrea – food wasn’t great and expensive too, so I’d give it a miss.


Thursday, we spent the entire day at the Beachhouse – service was okay, cocktails were good and the food decent. Nice beach beds (make sure to hire in advance) complemented with a lounge and restaurant area that’s quite plush but casual at the same time. When we went at the end of Aug – it wasn’t heaving (not sure if it’s more packed at other times in the year). Would I go back? For sure.


Friday, our last day in Ibiza, no one fancied leaving the villa which was fine by me. We cooked lunch and had some cocktails, enjoyed some pool action and just generally gisted. Decided to head out to dinner at Lamuella – a sheltered outdoor dining space that was pretty dreamy. Food had heavy Asian influences – wolfed down a delicious steamed bun filled with shredded duck. Service was friendly albeit somewhat slow but overall it was a good spot and I’d recommend it.




I’ve only ever scratched the surface food wise in Ibiza because the two times I’ve been, I’ve gone in large groups and most of the activity has been pre-planned. Keen to go back and see more of this beautiful island and maybe actually hit the clubs big time!

Here’s a map of the places I’ve been to and liked in Ibiza, the two times I’ve been

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