Central London Indian


Mouthwatering Indian in upscale Mayfair


The original location for Chutney Mary was Chelsea but they’ve since relocated to James Street in the Mayfair area, about a 10mins walk from Green Park.


It’s opulent but not overtly gaudy, so hot pants are probs best avoided. It’s a white tablecloth and silverware set up. The front part of Chutney Mary houses the Pukka Bar where I believe you can order small plates of food. The main dining room is quite large and is accessed via a small fight of stairs

Image from lucent-lighting.com


Wow. Just wow. My tastebuds were alight at Chutney Mary. Every forkful was utterly joyful. Plates like the deconstructed boneless chicken wings on a thin spread of raspberry preserve made me very happy indeed. The flaked cornish crab in garlic butter = top dollar. The venison samosa was also noteworthy with separate dollops of sweet and chilli paste to give it that extra oomph. Will most definitely revisit.



We went on a weekday so things may be different at the weekend but what I observed was that it pulls in an older crowd and working professionals from the area – I actually saw a dude working on his laptop at one of the tables (pretty damn tragic). Feels quite formal but not stiflingly so.


My brother in law picked up the tab which was mighty kind of him but if dining here, I’d set aside say £75 which would get you starters, mains and some vino.


One of the finest meals I’ve had all year; they make food that’s interesting but taste is never compromised. Big fan. 

Cuisine: Indian Fine Dining

Cost: £56 and over [£££££] 

Address: 73 St James’s Street, London, SW1A 1PH

Reservations: Yes

Hours: Open Mon-Sat: Noon–2:15pm (Lunch); 6:30pm–10:30pm (Dinner). Sat 11:30am–2:45pm (Brunch). Closed Sundays.
Pukka Bar (Drinks & bar snacks): Mon-Sat: Noon–11pm.

Phone: +44(0)20 7629 6688




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