Hearty . Delightful . Chic

From the Kitty Fisher folk comes Cora Pearl. As soon as I stepped inside, it was love at first sight. There’s an easiness to the place; it feels lived in, in the very best of ways. Aubrey Beardsley prints adorn the wall and candles flicker on the table, creating a relaxed, quietly elegant environment.

With just 55 covers, spanning both the upstairs dining room and bar downstairs (where the kitchen resides), it’s a charming intimate space. Being Covent Garden, it pulls in the odd tourist here and there; and mostly a mature crowd. Most people were dressed very casually. Just make sure you wear something roomy…

The food is hearty and enjoyable, perfect for these miserably cold days. Personally I do think it errs on the slightly expensive side but that’s not to say it’s not worth it; the produce is top notch and the cooking is solid. We had cocktails to start and a glass of Chinon for the rest of our meal.

I ordered the Brown Shrimp Ranhöfer that sat atop two large croutons but immediately had fomo when I had a taste of my friend’s agnolotti filled with cow’s curd + Jerusalem artichoke + shavings of truffle. For mains, we all went for the veal complete with delicious celeriac & a mini jug of bordelaise sauce but the pièce de résistance was without a doubt the chips.  I would happily get fat for these bad boys.

The potatoes are thinly sliced, loaded with butter and thyme; baked, pressed, cut into rectangular cubes and then deep fried until golden brown. The result is quasi dauphinoise potatoes in chips form – wonderfully soft on the inside with a perfect crunchiness on the outside. I could wang on ALL day about these beauts but I’ll spare you. Go try it for yourself…

The desserts were perfectly fine but if you want to save a few bob, I’d sacrifice these.

BASIC OR BOUGIE? A bit bougie (looks wise)

SERVICE is relaxed and welcoming

TRY the chips!

BEST FOR Spenny Catch Ups, Dates, The Rents

GOOD TO KNOW Reservations Rec’d | £55+

VIBE chilled and buzzy (Sat dinner)

GROUPS up to c.6 people I reckon

30 Henrietta St, London WC2E 8NA


Open Mon – Sun (Closes Early Afternoon)