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Plush . Exotic . Hideaway

Having been to Paris only a few weeks earlier, my mother was heading to London town via Paris and asked me to join her in the City of Lights. Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I obliged her. So altruistic, I know, I know. My mum spent a few years in her 20s in Paris and visits fairly regularly, so neither of us were gagging for a full exploration of the city. In fact, all we wanted to do was just chill in the hotel, hit up the sauna and eat. Bliss. So, that’s exactly what we did. We opted for Hotel Montecristo where the rooms are inspired by the novelist Alexandre Dumas.

The Suite Haydee with it’s tapestry patterned wallpaper is rather glorious but just a tad too dark for me. The original plan was to stay in Suite Mercedes, which has a lovely sort of peachy terracotta tone. Alas, it was out of bounds because of some issues with the drains; sadly the suite we were moved into ended up having the same issues! The staff were SUPER lovely and did all they could to rectify the situation. Aside from the smell which came and went, Suite Alexandre, the largest suite in the hotel (38m2) was ideal – spacious and upmarket with a blue velvet sofa, perfect for relaxing into.

I dug the decor throughout the property but for a hotel that had only been a open a few months, there was a fair amount of wear and tear especially in the pool area where the sauna also was located.

I would say that whilst it’s a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing hotel, attention to detail can be lacking in some areas, so if you’re looking for a full on luxe, faultless space to while your time away in Paris, you may do well to pick elsewhere.

Also, the 5th arrondisment ain’t exactly super hip with shit loads to do and there are barely any decent restaurants nearby which can be problematic as the hotel doesn’t offer a restaurant. Overall though, it’s a pretty nice spot and I’d stay here again if they’ve sorted out their drainage issues and I’m not that bothered about being in the center of action.

BASIC OR BOUGIE? A bit bougie

⁣BEDROOMS Vary from light to dark; sumptuous and exotic. 16m2 – 38m2 

BATHROOM Bright and modern. Own brand products

SERVICE IS Pretty good, fairly informal, very friendly

BREAKFAST Is good. Nice selection of loose teas

GOOD TO KNOW Has a swimming pool & sauna (comp as part of your stay)

RATES From £165 per night

20-22 Rue Pascal, 75005 Paris, France