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I will go to Paris to just eat. Fact. In Dec I found myself back in the city. This time I headed to the Latin Quarter for my fix: Baieta (meaning ‘little kiss’ in Niçois dialect) is by 23 year old female chef Julia Sedefdjian and 2 pals from her previous job – Sébastien Jean-Joseph and Grégory Anelka – the latter runs front of house and is an absolute delight (however there was a bit of a gulf between his warm hospitality and knowledge base and that of some of his staff but overall the experience was pleasant).

For me, the food felt honest – inspired from an authentic space (Sedefdjian’s hometown, Nice) beautifully concepted and plated but not at the expense of flavour. I didn’t try their take on the bouillabaisse (go ahead and cuss me) but thoroughly enjoyed what I did order: from the easy going beetroot and salmon dish (fresh) to the more complex duck strips with a crispy polenta mash of sorts (wondrous). ⁣

I just checked on their insta to grab their handle and seen they’ve won a Michelin which is great news.

BASIC OR BOUGIE? Modern bougie(ish)

SERVICE IS Mixed (depends on who you get)⁣

TRY Any duck dish if on the menu

BEST FOR Catch Ups, The Rents

GOOD TO KNOW Reservations Rec’d | £50+

VIBE Fairly relaxed and buzzy (at lunch)

GROUPS Probs can sit up to 8 people

5 Rue de Pontoise, 75005 Paris


Open Tue – Sat