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Casa Do Frango is in food hub London Bridge, a few mins walk from the station. I was in the area, hungry and keen to have a sit down lunch but not spend a huge amount. I ended up ordering a free range half chicken (£9.50) and some ‘African Rice’ (£5) which comes loaded with peas, plantain and crispy chicken skin (I asked for mine without chorizo); it’s served in small dish that is deceptively filling. I really enjoyed the moist rice dish; the chicken didn’t blow me away with it’s flavour – ask for some peri peri sauce on the side, it makes all the difference. I also requested mine to be browned a bit more. Bloody annoying customer I know.

The space is rustic and casual with a tonne of foliage – a proper cutie. There’s a mix of benches and stand alone tables as well as a bar that’s perfect for solo dinners. Lots of people have been saying that it’s lazy to just describe it as a posh Nando’s but I say call a spade a spade – I happen to like that spade and will be returning.


SERVICE IS Solid, Casual, Friendly

TRY The ‘African Rice’

GOOD FOR Solo Dining, Lo-Fi Dates, Catch Ups


First Floor, 32 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TU


Open Mon - Sun

+44 (0)20 3972 2323
Cover Image: Casa Do Frango

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