Lisbon Travel


Tasty small plates in a chilled intimate space

Taberna Da Ruas Flores was literally a 2 mins walk from where I stayed on the first night (Casa do Barão – highly recommended by the way). A dear friend from Oz happened to be in town at the same time, so I went for drinks with her and her friends and ended up at Taberna at 10:30pm. That’s the only way we got a table and we had to wait 20 mins, though we did sink a bottle of wine in the streets, so it was all good. Basically it’s no reservations, so if you want to dine here, you’ve got to go EARLY – believe, you can put your name down and come back.

We had some delicious prawns, swordfish with chilli jam, battered cuttlefish with cuttlefish mayo, steak, flourless chocolate cake and a few other bits. Top stuff. They plied us with quite a lot of free booze too which was ace – Amarguinha cocktails and Grappa sours – hell yes.


SERVICE IS Solid, Casual, Friendly

BEST FOR Dates, Casual Catch Ups

GOOD TO KNOW No reservation, £25-35

GROUPS Probs up to 6ppl


Rua das Flores 103, 1200-015 Lisboa, Portugal


Open Mon-Sat (evenings only on Sat)

+351 21 347 9418