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Maison Bab is the new spot by the Le Bab stable. They’ve got a casual restaurant upstairs and are a planning a ‘fine dining’ spot in the basement, subverting the genre aesthetically by borrowing iconography from kebab shop facades – interested to see how that pans out.

Upstairs is much larger than Le Bab in Kingly Court which I always found to be a bit too tight and not that fun intimate feel you can get in some restaurants; food wise the kebabs here are meant to be a bit more rough and ready, more typical so to speak than the slightly more fancy ones on offer in Le Bab and all under a tenner. When I went to Masion Bab, I had the chicken shish which I found to be a bit dry – def make sure you get the chilli sauce that accompanies it. So whilst, I’d say the kebab was not as good as at Le Bab (though mind you I went during soft launch so sure some kinks were still being ironed out) – the space, service and price point would certainly draw me back.


SERVICE IS Solid, V. Casual, Friendly

GOOD FOR Dates, Catch Ups

GROUPS Up to 7ppl

4 Mercer St, London WC2H 9FA


Mon - Sun

+44 (0) 20 7240 9781
Cover Image:  Maison Bab