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Like eating at a mate’s house who can cook pretty well…


Seasonal | NR | £

Leila’s is on Calvert Avenue in Shoreditch. There’s nothing particularly striking about the spot – it’s like heading to a mate’s house who’s a decent chef and they’ve whipped you a nice meal with seasonal produce. When I went had a pasta dish with white fish flaked in and a prune tart – both were as expected, hearty and nice. Service is a little awkward but the actual space is quite charming and rather cosy and I liked it a lot. It’s certainly not an everyday lunchtime spot as a main is about 14 quid. I think I’d go back because I liked the rustic vibe but it’s not No1 on my must return list. Also, a watch-out, they are a little slap dash with presentation and cleanliness. If you’re feeling overly precious like I can be at times, don’t go here.


SERVICE IS Basic, Casual, Functional

GOOD FOR Dates, Catch Ups

GROUPS Up to 6ppl

 15-17 Calvert Ave, E2 7JP


Open Wed-Sun

+44 (0) 20 7729 9789
Cover Image: Studio Nicholson