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Sustainable Cooking . Top-Notch . Mayfair

Sustainable Cooking . Top-Notch . Mayfair

Native at Browns 

Native has been on my never ending ‘To Try List’. 

The focus of the restaurant is sustainable cooking using British produce. The owners speak eloquently about their ethos in this vid. Check it out. 

I finally got to try some of their cooking yesterday afternoon with my sisters, from their truncated Garden Snacks menu. They’ve partnered with @browns and  moved into their chic town house located in Mayfair. 

The indoor restaurant will open in May as per government guidelines but in the meantime, they have a lovely shaded outdoor oasis smack bang in Central London. If you can secure a booking, I couldn’t recommended #TheNative more. 

Personally, this was on of the best meals I’ve had in London. Not a single dud dish.  


We ordered 1/2 dozen Maldon Rock Oysters, with Elderflower & Shallot Vinegar. A refreshing way to kick things off. 


Smacked Cucumbers, Fermented Brown Crab, Chilli & Cobnuts. Who the fuck knew cucumbers could taste this good? Not me. Native made some real magic in the kitchen with this one. A truly stand out dish. I cleaned up the plate with some of my focaccia. D I V I N E 

Fillet O’ Fish

Ray cheeks, brown crab rarebit, seaweed tartare sauce, plant based brioche. Size wise, it’s slider proportions, so one per person. Trust me, you won’t want to share. I ordered a second one. Obvs. 

Fried  Mushrooms

Fried Grey Oyster Mushroom, Smoked Emulsion & House Pickles. I love me some quality fried chicken and I’m not gonna lie here and say I’ll give that up BUT this fried mushrooms, ooomph – Native smashed this. 


Native’s Burratta with Miso Bagna Cauda is outrageous. Outrageously good. Using anchovies in dishes is a real skill in my opinion – balance it properly and it can elevate your dish wonderfully; overdo it and you’re in salty mess land. Thankfully it was the former but again each to his tastebuds

Chicken Liver Parfait

Fermented Potato Waffle, Chicken Liver Parfait & Pickled Apple. Parfait can be a bit intense because it’s so luxurious and rich but the jelly cut through this and from my POV, made this dish feel quite light. It’s still decadent but not overwhelmingly so. 


‘Sea-Lero’ – Sea Buckthorn Ice Lolly w. Oat Milk Sorbet & Alexander Seed. A great way to round things off. Like a pleasant summer’s day in your mouth. 



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Native at Browns, 39 Brook St, London W1K 4JE


Open Tue – Sat