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West African . Elevated Dishes . Fitzrovia

West African . Elevated Dishes . Fitzrovia

I went here during the soft launch and really enjoyed myself. Akoko was conceived by Aji Akokomi and at the time I went was led by William J M Chilila in the kitchen. There’s been a change in the kitchen with Theo Clench now heading it up but Akokomi is still very much the proprietor of Akoko and the vision is maintained. I really like the warm earthy tones of Akoko – the space is elegant and minimal and I think it’s great they are supporting artists from Africa and the diaspora by adorning art on their walls.

The tasting menu when we went showcased some familiar dishes / ingredients I grew up eating in Nigeria as well as some dishes from across West Africa, in somewhat new and refined forms. Our meal comprised:

Isu, Truffles (a Ghanian yam croquette with mushroom puree and truffles; one of my favourite bites – a nice crisp casing)

Boli & Epa (grilled plantain, cashew cream, spiced peanuts – sweet notes – the cashew punched through on this dish)

Veal Cheeks Bofrot (Ghanian savoury doughnut – puff puff for us Nigerians – filled with braised veal cheeks – this was hard to cut into and I found this a little dry but the filling of veal cheeks was tasty)

Miyan Taushe, Lobster (Nigerian pumpkin soup, calabash nutmeg, grilled lobster, popped wild rice, moringa oil – really dug the blend of flavours in this dish. This paired well with the Guinness bread provided alongside it. Guinness has a rich history in Nigeria – it’s actually the 2nd place in the world where Guinness is consumed the most. This dish was another highlight

Smoked Jollof Rice & Goat (smoked rice cooked in sweet pepper and umami stock served with braised goat – the texture was a little mushy for my liking and the portion miniscule by my Nigeria portion standards, haha but the caramalised piece of goat atop the rice more than made up for this)

BBQ Quail Yasa (barbecued quail, onions, lemon, mustard seeds, Kani sauce – in a word – fab);

Burnt Uda Cream & Goat Milk Ice Cream (Uda infused cream, Ghanian cocoa butter, goat milk cream, ehuru, uziza oil)

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