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Lecce - Florence of the South


The second half of our trip saw us drive North to Lecce where our second Palazzo awaited us. Palazzo Bozzi Corso is from the same folks behind La Fiermontina where we’d originally planned to stay but it was fully booked.

I’m actually really glad it worked out like that because Palazzo Bozzi Corso was way more my vibe. It had a wonderfully intimate feel with just 10 suites occupying the entire building.

All amentites at La Fiermontina are available to guests of Palazzo Bozzi Corso including the pool and parking)

We stayed in the suite Lalla Soukaina which exudes old school glamour.

Margaret and I met my sisters for lunch at La Fiermontina on Fri afternoon which consisted of the silkiest burrata, a solid pomodoro and salad to balance things out – real good. I was less impressed by their frise – the bread was just to hard to eat and ended up being an ardous munch.

Whilst we lunched, they kindly parked the car for us and transported our luggage to Palazzo Bozzi Corso. Post lunch, we strolled to our hotel and lounged around for a while exploring our room and the communal areas before heading out into town for some sightseeing.

As we returned to the hotel, we made a quick pit stop at Baldo, a gelataria literally 100m away from the Palazzo.

Our first night, we went to 3 Rane which I’d made a reservation for weeks prior as it’s a teeny restaurant seating c. 20 people. The decor was somewhat questionable and it was a brighly lit room, so I was geared up to not like this place but the food stood up and ultimately, that’s what it’s about. You can get a set menu for the whole table or order a la carte. we opted for the latter and tried some interesting dishes. candied risotto – I have no idea why I ordered this as I’m generally not a fan of mixing sweet and savoury in the same dish – the dichotomy between the two taste spectrum didn’t work for my tastebuds but my sister loved it. I also ordered the linguini with yellow tomatoes, “bottargo” of dried mullet roe, raw shrimps and bisque – all I gotta say is wow, wow, wow – standout dish of the night for me. The cod brandade, “scattariscati” romatoes, local olives dust and black olives dust was also stellar. I wish I skipped the guinea fowl terrine, I ended up feeling super bloated after stuffing my face with this and bread when I could have left room for a potentially more tasty veal main. Ah food regrets, lol!