Modern . Turkish . By Civan Er

Yeni (which means ‘New’) is a Modern Turkish restaurant by Civan Er and is located on Beak Street in Soho. Civan launched Yeni Lokanta (‘New Tavern’) in Istanbul a few years back which has won a number of accolades and the name embodies in a simple way, what he’s trying to achieve with food from the region. Green Lanes hearty Turkish grub, this is not. The service is chilled but but knowledgeable and the space is stripped back yet elegant space. The lighting is fairly bright but not in a horrid distracting way. The overrall aesthetic reminded me a bit of Eeels in Paris.

There’s a short menu of small and larger plates for sharing – c.6 dishes should do the trick. Aubergine manti was offered as an amuse bouche ,which I heartily received. We went on to order the pan fried feta with samphire, drizzled with spiced honey and a few hazelnuts broken over it – top stuff. The scallops with pureed carrot and chard was also pretty good and we made sure to mop up any leftovers with the home-made bread that’s gratis (the b. Skip dessert. They’ve got a communal table which they’ll probably plonk you on – if you want an individual table, make sure to state this when you book.



TRY The pan fried feta

BEST FOR Catch Ups, Dates

GOOD TO KNOW Reservations Rec’d | c.£45

VIBE Moderately buzzy (Thur eve)

GROUPS They can cater for groups upstairs

55 Beak St, Soho, London W1F 9SH


Open Mon – Sat (Sat 6pm onwards)