Hong Kong Import. Stunning space. Underwhelming dim sum.


Cantonese | RR | £££-££££

Set in St. Thomas Church, a few minutes walk from London Bridge is Duddell’s. It’s a stunning space but attention to detail can be lacking at times e.g the menu was already looking a bit battered even though it hadn’t been open for that long. I was gunning to like it. The day we went their steamer had apparently packed up, so we had a limited dim sum menu to choose from. We ordered a few bits: the Chicken Taro Croquette, Mongolian Wagyu Puff, Pan Fried Prawn and Chive Dumpling. None of these stood out as especially impressive. Then we ordered the peking duck – 1st course is with pancakes and then you choose a sauce to pan fry it in for the 2nd course. We had egg fried rice as a side. The duck skin wasn’t crispy from the 1st course and the 2nd course was forgettable. I’m only willing to give it another shot because I like the space so much.


SERVICE IS Solid, Formal, Friendly

GOOD FOR Dates, Catch Ups

GROUPS Up to 8 ppl

9a St Thomas St, SE1 9RY


Open Mon-Sun (evenings only on weekdays)

+44 (0)20 3957 9932
Cover Image: Design Curial