Upscale dishes inspired by flavours from West Africa


Experimental | RR | ££££

Ikoyi London has been going for a while as a pop-up restaurant and was set up by school pals, one of whom is Nigerian. I first sampled their offering a few years back and was impressed at their vision to bring flavours inspired by West Africa onto the London dining scene in a sleek setting. Fast forward to July 2017 and the guys have realised their dreams opening up shop in swanky St James’s Market, neighbours to Aquavit, Anzu and the rest. If you go to Ikoyi expecting traditional Nigerian / W.African fare plated up nicely, you’ll hate it. It’s experimental and in no way trying to replicate things in an authentic way – somethings I loved (the plantain with scotch bonnet and raspberry dust), others not so much (mackerel in tiger nut milk). I was kindly invited to the opening and got to sample a number of the dishes for free but when I return as a paying customer, I’ll certainly be watching my pocket as some of the dishes ain’t cheap e.g the prawn (x1) in banga bisque is £28 – wild.


SERVICE IS Solid, Semi-Formal, Friendly

TRY The Buttermilk Plantain & Smoked Scotch Bonnet

GOOD FOR Catch Ups, Dates, Counter Dining

GROUPS Up to 6ppl

1 St James's Market, W1Y 4AH

Website | Instagram

Open Mon-Sat

+44 (0) 20 3583 4660