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Smoking Goat 2.0 in Shoreditch


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This is round 2 for the Smoking Goat lot (or technically round 3 if you count Kiln). I haven’t been to the original location in Soho but the critics have been raving about it since it opened in 2014. I have to say, I liked Kiln but I didn’t love it and the same applied to my experience at Smoking Goat in Shoreditch. To be fair, I really didn’t sample the menu as I wasn’t very hungry when I went. I got the Northern Style Duck Laab (which for laymen like myself is minced meat) with a side of Jasmine Rice –  the laab was too salty for me and be careful with the chillis, they are HOT. My friend got the Lardo Fried Rice but thinks she got food poisoning from it – eek! I don’t eat goat but I must say when I saw my neighbour’s curry, it looks amazing. Highlight for me was the Cornish Cuttlefish Skewer – yum yum yum. Dishes felt fairly priced and overall, I would def go back but not necessarily in haste.


SERVICE IS Sleek, Casual, V.Friendly

GOOD FOR Catch Ups

GROUPS Up to 6ppl

4 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JJ 

Website | Instagram

Open Mon-Sun

Cover Image: Foodism


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A whole Nigerian soaked in British culture, I’ve been based in London for a good number of years now. Being an Ad (wo)man by day helps fund my eating addiction, both here and abroad.

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