East London


Average fried chicken x tasty sour cocktails 


On Stoke Newington Road not far from Italian restaurant, Rotorino and The Haggerston pub.


Fairly small space with a few tables dotted around and a three seat table facing the window – ideal for people watching. There’s also a bench outside where people can perch. Tiles line the floor and the bar front and this along with the anchor wall paper and blue ceiling give it a playful yet grown up look and feel.


The service at Chick ‘N’ Sours is fine – they do what they have to do and keep it moving. I ordered the basil and strawberries sour cocktail which had quite a subtle flavour but was very enjoyable. They’d run out of their Korean fried chicken bun, which was what I had my eye on, so I went with the ‘House Fry’ instead, a highbrow version of the humble KFC – consisting of a drumstick and a thigh (£8). To be honest, I didn’t think it was all that, the chicken was a tad rubbery and the batter didn’t bind properly with the meat, so I kept on having to scrape from my plate the fallen crispy batter. The pickled watermelon cubes on the side were an unusual but interesting and tasty accompaniment. The fries were fried in beef dripping  (£3.5) and would have been perfect had it not been over salted. I wouldn’t say no to returning here because it’s a cool space and I would like to actually try the chicken burger but there are tons of other places I want to check out first, so my next visit may be a while yet…

Chic N Sours


‘Trendy’ Stoke Newington dwellers.


I hate that they charge you £1.50 for dip but their cocktails are cheap , at £6 a pop, so I guess that balances things out! In total, I spent about £20 on fried chicken, fries, dip and a cocktail. Overall for gourmet junk food, the pricing seems a tiny bit on the pricey side – for example Chic N Sours chicken burger is  £11 whereas Patty and Bun is only £8.50. However, for a dinner option in London, it’s one of the cheaper spots.



Cuisine: Fried chicken

Cost: Under £25 [£]

Address: 390 Kingsland Road, E8 4AA

Tube: Haggerston Rail

Reservations: Yes

Hours: Closed Mon. Only open in the evenings weekdays. Lunch & dinner service at the weekends (see website for details)

Phone: +44 (0)20 3620 8728



Cover image from http://www.standard.co.uk