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a Jamaican hit


Jamaican Burgers | NR | £

I hate being one of those dicks that says “Oh, it’s not as good as it used to be” but that’s the truth. However, the jerk burger stuffed with fried plantain, rocket, mango and paw paw, is still pretty damn tasty and worth a look in. The staff are way chill and the is vibe always on point at this no frills, Jamaican inspired spot in Portobello. The place is T.I.N.Y, so large groups are not an option; it probably fits about 12 people inside and has a small eating area outside.

BASIC OR BOUGIE? (Super) Basic

SERVICE IS Solid, Casual, V. Friendly

TRY The Jerk Chicken Burger

GOOD FOR Spesh Times, Dates

GROUPS Up to 8 ppl

272 Portobello Road, W10 5TZ

Website | Instagram

Open Tue-Sun