Carribean rotis with a modern vibe 


Rotis | NR | £

Part of the Island Social Club, a collective serving up a modern take on Jamaican staples, Rotishop has a residency at Styx in Tottenham. When I went, a day festival was being held at Styx which you needed to pay for, so I literally dipped in and out of here and ate my roti on a park bench in Tottenham – classy. I had the ‘Italist’ roti (vegan stew, market vegetables, ginger, sweet potato, chilli & coconut) – pretty sure there was plantain in there as well. A little cold by the time I got to the park but real decent.


SERVICE IS Solid, Casual, Friendly

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5 Ashley Road, N17 9LJ

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Open Thur-Sun
Cover Image: Island Social Club