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I’ll let you in on a bit of insider info. Their location in St Anne’s court was originally a seafood restaurant but it didn’t take off, so they flipped it and made it a meat feast resto. Still, it’s never really busy because it’s hidden in a tiny alleyway, so if it’s buzz you’re after then perhaps this one’s not for you. However if you’re feeling carnivorous and have some bob but not crazy bob, Zelman’s where it’s at. Service was brilliant, cocktails were whack. Tip – set a budget and ask for a selection of the meats. Def order the triple fried chips and the oysters with bread crumbs were a real highlight; could certainly have eaten a good number of those.


SERVICE IS Sleek, Casual, Friendly

TRY The Chateaubriand, Oysters & Chips

GOOD FOR Dates, Lazy Lunch

GROUPS Up to 6ppl

2 St Anne's Ct, Soho, W1F 0AZ 

Website | Instagram

Open Mon-Sun

+44 (0) 207 437 0566

Cover Image: Zelman

About Kanndid

A whole Nigerian soaked in British culture, I’ve been based in London for a good number of years now. Being an Ad (wo)man by day helps fund my eating addiction, both here and abroad.

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