Pizzas by the slice – go wild and

mix and match


Pizzas | x4 Locations | £

They do pizzas by the slice, NY style, wahey! If you’re the greedy sort, it’s perfect coz you can sample 2/3 different pizzas. I was starving on the way  back from a talk one Wed eve and walked past Box Park in Shoreditch, where they have a pop up store. It was party vibes all night in there, staff were friendly and a little bit out there but not in annoying over the top way.  I opted for the margarita which  I had no complaints about. I’d def go back. Incidentally they’ve got a bar – Ray’s Bar in Dalston and you can get your pizza upstairs and take it to the basement to munch away with your cocktails. Boom.

Camden | Dalston | Peckham | Shoreditch

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Cover Image: Just Opened London