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This in house resto in La Grande Épicerie serves ah-mazing burgers 


My sister is getting married in April 2016 and her dress is being made  by an amazing French designer Celestina Agostino, who works in the haute couture tradition, often buying her high quality fabrics from the same vendors as the big Parisian fashion houses including Chanel. We made a day trip to Paris in October for the initial consultation at Celestina  on Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire in the Rive Gauche. Lunch was had at the nearby Le Grand Epicerie (part of Le Bon Marché), in their main restaurant, La Table.

Le Bon Marche


I really like the low key elegance at La Table; the light and airy space, along with the indoor trees plotted across the restaurant, gives it a tranquil feel.

la table overhea
Image from


We had free bread on tap which always delights me. Then we progressed on to our mains: my sister went with the coeur de filet de boeuf which came with perfectly cooked and delicious pommes dauphine (I know this because I stole a few).


La Table - Bride
Bride to be getting ready for her beef

I ordered the sot l’y laisse (chicken oysters) mushroom risotto which sat in a thick gravy sauce which was really rather good, coupled with a glass of wine. However, beware the service is slowwww.

La Table - Risotto

I could spend the whole day here and we pretty much did. The food hall at La Grande Epicerie makes me want to wince; I got a couple of their takeaway boxes for the journey back home to London and of course some buttery almond biscuits.

*Update*  – we revisited in Jan 2016 and tried the house burger – phenomenal – highly recommend! If you have a burger craving and you are in this part of the city, I’d make it a must visit


Mix of tourists and Parisians, laid back chic.


My risotto was €22 and a glass of wine was €8.50. My sister’s meal was a bit pricier: the beef she ordered was €29, her glass of Sancerre €11.50 and a cup of green tea was €6.20. We split the bill equally, so roughly cost per person was €38 /c. £30. It’s pretty pricey for a lunch spot and you can certainly get better value elsewhere. 


La Table is good restaurant housed in the upper deck of Paris’s excellent premium indoor food market, La Grande Épicerie. The burger is an absolute must order.

Cuisine: French

Cost: c.£ 25-30 for a main dish incl. glass of wine (service included)

Address: 1st floor,  La Grande Épicerie de Paris, 38 Rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris

Tube: Sèvres Babylone

Reservations: Don’t think so

Hours: Mon-Sat 10:30am – 7:30pm

Phone: +33 1 44 39 81 00


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