Fun ‘Bombay cafe’ with a few posts across London

I remember going to a Dishoom pop up restaurant in Southbank years ago and loving the colour and vibrancy of the space. I’ve had brunch at the Covent Garden branch before where I ordered an egg naan role which was nice but not crazy good.

Most recently a few friends and I went to the newly opened Dishoom in King’s Cross as they had a 50% of food and drink promo in the opening days. You can’t book, so it’s always a queuing affair. On this most recent occasion, I arrived right as we got to the top of the queue (my friends had been waiting for over an hour in the rain), so I was in a rather cheery mood by comparison! The space is M.A.S.S.I.V.E. There are three huge floors with the basement serving predominantly as a cocktail bar with areas to eat. We had a few cocktails and bar snacks down here, then ascended the stairs to the first floor where we had our main meals.

We ordered a bunch of dishes to share between ourselves: vegetable samosas, calamari, gunpowder potatoes, black daal, grilled masala prawns, chicken ruby and some naan. This together with a couple of cocktails and wine came to c.£21 each, so had we paid full price, it would have been £40 each which isn’t bad. None of the dishes were standout but they were decent enough. Covent Garden and King’s Cross have a cool, fun backdrop (haven’t been to the Shoreditch one, so can’t comment), so whilst I wouldn’t necessarily opt for Dishoom for an amazing meal, it’s a cool, convivial spot to have drinks and food with a friends.

Cuisine: Indian

Avg. cost incl. a boozy bevvy: £36-45 [£££]

Address:  a few locations (Covent Garden, King’s Cross – see website for details)

Tube: As above 

Reservations: No

Hours: Opening times vary per location – see website

Phone: See website for individual location numbers




About Kanndid

A whole Nigerian soaked in British culture, I’ve been based in London for a good number of years now. Being an Ad (wo)man by day helps fund my eating addiction, both here and abroad.

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