Paris Travel


…when you have a sweet tooth like mine. Bereft of a good dessert in London the past few weeks, I was thrilled when my mum invited me on a trip to Paris. Having been disappointed with my recent jaunts to the Pudding Bar and Basement Sate the thought of all the Parisian Patisseries I could ravage got me mega giddy. The Pudding Bar was disappointing because the puddings were just not that good (and they weren’t cheap either, doubly irritating) and Basement Sate well baffled me with their savoury mille-feuille. From what I’ve read about the menu at Dessance, (the esteemed dessert bar that opened in Paris earlier in the year), it’s made quite explicit that some desserts are sweet and others savoury, some between the two, so you have no surprises when you lift fork to mouth like I did at Basement Sate.

Anyway, back to Patisseries and Paris – I was desperate to get my sugar fix and the first stop was Des Gateaux et De Pains which was about a 10-15mins walk from our apartment in Montparnasse. No pictures were allowed in this dark sumptuous room filled with decadent desserts but the service was cordial enough.


I got a handful of desserts, which I have not the patience to recount each one but they were all pretty amazing (the rum soaked sponge in particular was killer). Claire Damon, one of the few boss ladies in the high end pastry world in Paris, knows exactly how make a greedy girl like me smile.


I had puddings at some of the restaurants I dined at like Porte 12 and Bistro Bellet and enjoyed both immensely. However, they weren’t enough to satiate my sweet tooth, so another Patisserie visit was necessary. So, off I went to Mori Yoshida on a sweet treat rampage.







I gathered a good spread of desserts, my favourite being a vanilla panacotta that was simply dreamy. I also picked a savoury treat along the way; a salmon and spinach quiche, that was insanely good.


It was a baking hot day, so sadly by the time I got home the desserts were a little worse for wear. Had a few when we came back from Clamato that evening but we were so full, we had to finish off the remainder the following morning for breakfast.

IMG_5614 IMG_5620

All in all, it was an excellent sweet treat retreat – the French know how to give it to you good and I can’t wait to go back for more.