After several failed attempts to bag a ticket to a Forza Win event, I finally managed to get my hands on a pair for their brunch special at the end of March. I booked two tickets on the first day tickets were released and within 36 hours, they were all gone. Such is the popularity of Bash Redford’s ‘supper clubs’ which are mostly Italian inspired. Starting life as a pizza venture on rooftops, in collaboration with the Pizza Pilgrim guys; Forza Win has expanded into ‘Fonduta’ via their Forza Win-ter event and ‘Cuts’ with the Ginger Pig lot (perfect for those with carnivorous inclinations).

So, come Sunday 30th March, I trotted down to Bermondsey to Tanner & Co where the Forza Win brunch was being held (using a back room that led out to an open space where the grill was set up).

The setting was basic and I say that with no derogatory tone, au contraire in fact: crockery set up on the table, ready for use; flowers here and there, a Forza Win sign placed next to some vintage floral armchairs and a Campari jug cum flower vase. This venture is corporate free and you can feel it but don’t for a minute think these guys don’t run a slick operation because they do.

With Bloody Mary’s on tap, I filled my glass up and took my seat as Bash took to the floor to give a rather entertaining run of the order of the day and safety procedures.

A nice carby start with the ‘Pokey holes’ (eggs baked in individual bread rolls with San Marzano tomatoes) and asparagus soldiers; I loved the subtle richness the tomatoes added to this dish.

Woodfired bacon was on offer for the pork lovers and the general consensus from the party around me was positive, gleaned from all the ‘mmmm’ing going on. I went for the veggie option of the roasted portobello mushroom which sounds insanely predictable and boring but was in fact super delicious.

The kedigree arincini made me nearly wet my pants with delight, it was that good. I also managed to snag a veggie option (below) which was rather tasty as well.

Then, when I thought things couldn’t get better, they only went and wheeled out the Zeppole (Italian donuts). I dunked straight into the apple dipping sauce and then swiflty moved onto the chocolate sauce, alternating between the two like a crazed sugar fiend. It was fun.

I was well and truly stuffed but my greed spurred me on to ask for another cup of Zeppole – I just couldn’t get enough. They were sweet but not in an inedible sugary way.To shift a few of the pounds, we worked up a sweat (well…) bashing some balls on the ping pong table set up outside.

All in all, it was a lovely communal experience; with sharing platters encouraging you to strike up conversation with your neighbours. I was pleased with both the quality of the produce and cooking and the chilled vibes made for a lovely day out.

At the moment, Forza Win isn’t setting up permanent shop somewhere, so we are just going to have to go along with their roving events. I think Bash mentioned taking Forza Win on tour to a couple of cities around the UK including Manchester which sounds like a swell idea. He also said the next London event won’t be a pizza thing which is a shame as I was keen to try that but i’m sure they’ll come up with summat good and fun and I’d definitely like to go again.






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