I’m not big on restaurant chains.  No, not because I’m a snob but because the food is just generally rather disappointing and with so much choice in London, why would you knowingly opt for average food in a generic setting, heaving with people, that isn’t massively cheap?

They do have their value for sure – sometimes you just need to eat and it’s close by and convenient – that is why I have found myself many a time in Wagamama, Busabai and Byron. Byron until relatively recently did a great job in maintaining the quality of their food offerings but their standards are slipping and the one I order from down my road is getting progressively worse; charred dry burgers and forgotten orders. Not good.

So, Bill’s is actually a welcome surprise. For a chain, the food is really good. I’ve been twice, once in London and the other time in Oxford. I have tried the macaroni cheese which was good and the duck pie which was bursting with flavour. Their servings are also very generous. I think they purposefully inhabit large spaces in order to be able to accommodate walk-ins without huge waiting times. Works well for me. There is room for improvement on the pudding front but overall the standard is high for a chain.

I haven’t had breakfast here but a lot of people have been raving about it, so I will definitely check this out at some point.

It will be interesting to see if Bill’s is able to maintain it’s quality as it rapidly expands in London and beyond. I certainly hope it does.



Image from Bill’s Facebook


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