San Francisco


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Alcatraz was a must visit for me. I booked my ticket a couple of days before I went, though apparently tickets sell out quite quickly, so they advise you book well in advance. It’s a really interesting place from an historical point of view to visit.

However, even if  Alcatraz in itself doesn’t pique your interest, just go for the spectacular views of San Francisco you’ll get from the island. I did the audio tour which is narrated by former guards and inmates at Alcatraz. It obviously highlights the main criminals to have spent time on the Island, most notably Al Capone and the attempts by a number of inmates to escape.

What was really interesting was, it gave me  a window into what life would have been like on the island on a day to day basis for the criminals; how banal and monotonous life must have been for the prisoners,  some seeking solace in books, others in gardening, with a view of the free world being flaunted in their face but unable to reach it due to the torturous tides.