Mercarto Metropolitano

If you’re looking for a guide to the sites of London, afraid I can’t help you but I’m sure Lonely Planet or Tripadvisor can. I dunno about you but all I care about when I’m planning a trip somewhere is what’s the food / restaurant scene like; ok ok, slight exaggeration, I care about culture too, the people and all that stuff. I meticulously strategise where I’m going to breakfast, lunch, dine, eat cake, drink obscenely and I’m feeling real wild where to tear up the dancefloor. So, for any of folks visiting this ace city I call home, I thought I’d give you a little run down of London through my eyes from East to West, North and South, so you can skip the bullshit and dive straight into good places to eat, drink and see. I’m going to focus on neighbourhoods, starting with Shoreditch and build on this when I have time!

If you got any questions, holler at me in the comment box below.


Some people turn their nose up and say it’s DONE – hideously crowded come weekend nights and teeming with tourists on seemingly endless graffiti tours. Whilst not an entirely unfair summation, I do think it would be massively shortsighted to dismiss Shoreditch. It’s got a bunch of good spots to eat, shop and much more to keep you occupied. See The List

Image @ Drink.Up London