Dirty filthy food that'll do you no good



Burritos | Various Locations | £

I am loyal to Benito’s Hat because I used to go to it almost every Friday when I worked in the Soho area, so by default, to this day I would pick this spot over many other burrito joints just because it’s like a familiar friend + they do the wraps nice and tight – no soggy shit. No reservations. 


Tacos | Clerkenwell | £

The fish taco is decent but the real star is the fried chicken one – hollar! They are pretty little colourful things and luckily taste as good as they look. I was a frequent visitor at their pop up stall in Dinerama. They recently opened a brick and mortar store in Clerkenwell with a broader menu which I’m keen to try. No reservations.


Burritos | Various Locations | £

‘Mexican’ fast food chain. Pretty good burritos. I’ve been to a couple of the different branches and the standard has been consistent. Their salad bowl with rice is a solid alternative to their wrapped up big sister (the burrito). When you ask for hot sauce – it’s actually spicy which is always a bonus. No reservations. 


Tacos | Soho| £

Tacos are the order of the day at this retro cool taqueria in Soho. It’s a casual relaxed spot, good for a fairly inexpensive night our with some pals or your lover man / woman (3rd date kinda spot). Had the Baja fish – beer battered fish, red  and white shredded cabbage with chipotle mayo  and also ordered the GUV’NOR king prawns & baby shrimps grilled with mixed peppers, tomatoes & onions;garlic, butter, cream & oaxacan cheese. Both were decent. I’d go back if in the neighbourhood.


Tacos | Bond Street | £

I was on Oxford St and famished, so I stopped by Mole which serves up tacos and a few other Mexican bites. I really enjoyed the beef shortrib tacos I had but at £8 for two tiny tacos, it’s not the cheapest. It’s a fun looking space – interesting combo of colours and textures. I’d definitely go back if in the area and would also like to try the cocktails but it’s not a place I’d actively seek out. Walk Ins & Reservations


Tacos | London Bridge | £

El Pastor has had much hype probs because it’s by the guys who brought us the enduringly popular Barrafina. It’s a cool space – a converted railway arch with pops of colour via the table tops & woven chairs. There’s a fun outdoorsy vibe about it. I got the prawn taco (£3.50) & char-grilled stonebass taco (£3) – the ingredients were fresh and I particularly enjoyed the pineapple salsa that came with the stonebass taco. A great place to go with a group of friends but they don’t take reservations…






[£] £25 AND UNDER
[££] £25-35
[£££] £36-45
[££££] £46-55
[£££££] £56 AND OVER


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NOTE: Even though, I have included all the branches of chains I’ve profiled, I obviously haven’t been to all, so can’t verify if standards vary radically – let’s hope not, eh?